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Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Hi Friend,

With the cold onset and grey clouds through winter, it can feel all a little doom and gloom. Whether it's nutrition, movement, mindset, projects, or day-to-day tasks.

Things can simply feel harder during this time.

When we are stressed, our cortisol levels rise.

Cortisol triggers our emergency, fight-or-flight response.

Too much cortisol increases our chances of falling into a depressed or anxious state.

If you encounter a setback or are feeling sad, frustrated, or jealous, try to use the 4 step morning routine to bring yourself back to a more positive place.

This week I share 4 little mind hacks that can help flip a switch and done regularly no matter what mood you are in can help put a positive spin on your day.

Ideally, first thing in the morning while brushing your teeth or the first time you glance in the mirror. It doesn't matter how messed up your hair is at the time, Give the below a try.

Look into the mirror and try all 4 or take what resonates with you

1. SMILE - like a big cheesy one, who cares if your teeth aren't clean yet. Hold it for as long as you can. If you wake up really grumpy, anxious, or just not in a good mood, try to hold for a split second then return to a grumpy face and keep switching for about 60sec.

2. HI 5 - While at the mirror hi 5 yourself, give yourself a thumbs up, a rock-out hand, whatever you deem a positive vibe gesture.

3. GIVE YOURSELF A SMALL COMPLIMENT - Say something that resonates with you

"I'm Unstoppable",

"You got this",

"Slay the day",

"Your da bomb",

"Hell yeah go you"

whatever it is, say it, say it out loud, and say it a few times!


Sit with a feel-good moment, memory, experience, or image. A person, beloved pet, great experience, a moment that simply made you feel good.

Simply try it for a week!

I'd love to know what gets rewired for you, if you can put a positive spin on the start of your day, you are equipping yourself with the tools to problem solve or conquer any hurdles that may pop up that day for you.

Watch this short Ted Talk on Hardwiring happiness: Dr. Rick Hanson for a deeper insight.

Go forth and Slay your Day!

Until next week



Stay curious and remember “We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing” - George Bernard Shaw

If you know someone who could benefit from this blog, please share it with them.

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