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Hi Friend,

This month we’ll be discussing 10 things that can help flip you into a more positive vibe.

Now don't get me wrong, if you have met me, I can be a bundle of positive vibes, (sometimes maybe a little bit much for an introvert), but alas I too am human and have my on and off days. I am nearing 39 years of life, and with in it have dealt with traumas, can get triggered and can simply just want to punch something for while blasting Metallica tracks. One thing that has helped me deal with the harder times of the year is knowing what can help me shift into a better mood with not much effort required. I'll be sharing 2 tips a week, I'd love to know if anything resonated with you or if you have anything else to add that you have found useful for your own mood shift. GOOD VIBES TIP #1 - CREATE A GOOD MORNING PLAYLIST! On any platform you use, choose a handful of songs that help get you moving and grooving with a smile on your face. ANYTHING you want, any vibe you want to create for that day. Myself and my hubby adopted this through lockdown where everyday just felt like the same day. Each morning we'd play a track and dance around the house. Feel free to listen to ours if you want - Good Morning Playlist GOOD VIBES TIP #2 - PRACTICE GRATITUDE At the end of the day is also a time to reflect and potentially shift the mood if perhaps it wasn't the best day before you go to sleep. Write, say aloud, type, acknowledge 3 things that you are grateful for or that put a smile on your face that day.

Now, these can be as elaborate or as simple as you like! Eg 3 things I am grateful for today... 1. Hot morning coffee 2. The 15min walk in the sun 3. Laughing chat with bestie Go forth and start to find some simple and effective ways that you can shift your mood. Share with me anything you come across, or any morning playlist tracks.. I'm always continuing to add to mine. Prefer to get these nuggets emailed to you, sign up for my Sunday Sessions emails HERE

Until next week Cheers, Nikki

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