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So I'm curious, what was something new you learned last week or what info did you share with another person.

This week I bring it full circle, finding WHAT lights you up and recharge is super beneficial.

The next step is to find out WHO lights you up and simply makes you feel good, makes you laugh, makes you feel special, or believes in you.

Somedays we need a 3rd party perspective to give us a little pep in our step or show us something that we can't always see for ourselves.


You know those people that act as a little ray of sunshine in your life. Could be a friend, family member, your barista! Someone who you walk away from simply feeling better for whatever reason.

Go and have an interaction with them. A call, text, random catch-up, video chat.. whatever it is that works for you guys.

Maybe it is your barista or hairdresser, go and book a service with them or maybe grab a decaf coffee for the afternoon.

MOOD BOOSTING TIP #10 - FIND YOUR TRIBE We are humans, one of our traits is needing connection and interaction. Did anyone else start to slightly go insane through lockdowns NOT having interactions with others? Now I am super lucky that I get to work with people I totally classify as my tribe. Our gym members are just that too we are the JB tribe. I also have my extended Animal Flow family. My Clients are all people I choose to work with, they too are a part of my movement (and sometimes Gin) tribe. Your tribe is your CREW, the people you connect with from a similar interest. It could be a bunch of mates, your work colleagues, your online gaming crew, gym crew, dance class crew, or your dungeons and dragons gaming crew. Your tribe is a group of people that make you feel accepted, loved, challenged, and thriving. Do you know who your tribe is? If in need of one reach out.

Are you looking to combine a few of the Mindset Shifts all in one hit #4 Self Care #5 Move how you enjoy #7 Learn something #9 Connect with someone who makes you smile #10 Find your tribe I invite you to come and connect with me in person, in Bondi, Saturday mornings in June. I'm running four Intro to Animal Flow series classes - come to one or come to all. Simply click the button for all the info Limited to 10 people per class

Prefer to get these nuggets emailed to you, sign up for my Sunday Sessions emails HERE

Until next week



Stay curious and remember “We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing” - George Bernard Shaw

If you know someone who could benefit from this blog, please share it with them.

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