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Impromptu Harry Styles ticket reframed body image!

It only takes a second to call a girl fat, and she'll take a lifetime trying to starve herself.

Think before you act - Harry Styles

This week I come into your inbox to share some insight into how an impromptu ticket purchase to Harry Styles gave me a body image reality check.

My Tik Tok feed has been swamped with Harry Styles clips over the last few months. Yes, I admit I downloaded the app in 2020 like many others, and still peruse it to this day, prob more than I'd like to admit I should.

But I digress, in those clips, the energy in the room is so positive, and energetic and it really seems like a fun space to be in.

So after a trying week, when my own energy levels were low, I bought a last-minute ticket!

I honestly thought it would be sold out, but thought id try my luck anyway. I knew two mates would be on the ground so it would mean me in a seated area alone, out of comfort zone challenge accepted!

So next up was an outfit!

It was time to restock something bright and comfy. But alas it has been about 6 years since I actually bought clothes that weren't activewear! Honestly, I barely go anywhere without being in stretchy clothing or jeans.

ALL the bright pants went with me into the changing room, the last time I remember buying pants I'd always been a size 10-12, and that's what I am in active wear.

At first, it was horrifying, nothing was fitting right at all!

The ex-fat kid thoughts were coming back louder than ever. On my first day in high school, I needed a size 22 shirt. Weight, numbers, and clothes have always been slightly triggering for me. I had to stop take a moment and asses. I'm not the unhealthiest I've ever been, the parts of my body that the fabric wasn't sitting right are the parts of my body that I work damn hard. These thighs are chunky but damn strong, this belly fluctuates day by day, and I have always had a longer-than-average torso!

But most of all I was so out of the game I was shopping in the shops I used to go in as a teen, this vessel is different than in my 20's as it should be! I toddled off into what I always labeled the adults clothing store, then realized um hello your 39 get your bum in there for a look.

The moral of the story it's ok to buy a bigger size and find clothes that make you feel good not ones you have to manipulate yourself for. Choose fabrics you like, wear colors you want, and dress for your shape and comfort. It was the same when I was looking for a wedding dress, some fabrics just don't suit me.. Thats OK.

I came out with an outfit in size 14. Does it feel good on my skin, Yes. Is it comfy, Yes. Do I feel good in it, Yes.

Numbers are purely that, numbers! Don't beat yourself up if clothes don't fit like they did decades ago.

If there are health concerns with your current body shape that is of course different, and lifestyle habits would need to be amended. But otherwise don't stress if you size up over time, especially if you are training and gaining muscle!

Wish me luck at a concert experience by myself, but at least I'll be in comfy pants!

Excited to announce 3 events are happening in March!

Cheers, and stay Sassy!


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