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Whoever has ever moved house without the luxury of removalists may have experienced it's one of the toughest workouts out there, would you agree?

There's lifting, pushing, pulling, up and down stairs, reaching high, and getting down heavy things overhead. All the while navigating corners, losing your peripheral vision at times, and contorting yourself in ways you didn't think possible.

Not to mention the mental stress of organizing, packing, booking trucks & council clean-ups. Or delving into a time warp of memories from opening the literal pandora's box that has been sitting high in the wardrobe for potentially decades.


As written above there are a few things to consider when physically preparing to move boxes. Remember when moving house it will NOT be an optimal training environment, learn how to brace and control through ALL of your angles.

STRENGTHEN YOUR TRUNK - This is your main bracing force, This does not mean simply getting on the floor and doing sit-ups or crunches! (If this is your only go-to for core, please stop, the majority of our lives are already spent in so much flexion) Incorporate ALL sides of your trunk. Two great moves to achieve this are Underswitch and Superman.

STRENGTHEN QUADS AND HAMSTRINGS - There will be ALOT of loaded squat and hinge variations going on. Why? you'll be picking things up and down off the floor and walking with them!

Do a variety of Squats, Split Squats, Lunge Variations (including side variations), and Step-ups. Vary your grips and loaded positions such as rack position, farmers carry position and Overhead position.

Hinge variations include Deadlifts with split stance & sumo stance. Romanian Deadlifts with Double and Single leg variations. Good mornings seated or standing (these will also help strengthen the posterior chain, everything down the back of you to bulletproof your spine in preparation for the loads too)

GET YOUR GLUTES READY - Your glutes are going to take a beating too, if these aren't strong and ready you can wake up the next day with your knees or back or both and they won't be thanking you for your hard efforts. 3 ways to prime them with a band are X walks, Frog Pumps, and Hip Thrust.

BULLETPROOF YOUR SHOULDERS - Your shoulders will take a beating indeed. Overhead pressing is a must once again in various grips. Your shoulders have 4 ranges of motion, Horizontal Push and Pull, as well as vertical Push and Pull.

Four basic compound exercises for your shoulders with a band include Overhead press and Prone Lat Pull down, Chest press, Bent Over Row

ARMS - You will be carrying literally a truckload! Your arms will be most likely in a bent position under load. Bicep curls, Tricep Pulldowns, and plenty of them will help prime your arms. Learn how to bulletproof your elbows with learning how to utilise your BACK in all push and pull scenarios.

For your pull motions incorporate Ring Rows or Seated Band row.

For push incorporate Eccentric Push Ups, and Scap Push Ups

WRISTS - These will take a beating. You cant them strong and hand definitely grip ready! Get yourself a stress ball and squeeze it as many times throughout your day that you can.

Here are some tips for Wrist Release and relief positions.

One thing I am grateful for is a body that sustained the move from a second-floor apartment, to a second-floor storage unit, and a new house that involves a few stairs front and back.

I am also chuffed that with my dad as a witness I could carry a small washing machine up a set of 5 stairs using the assistance of only dads eyes to tell me how many more steps I had and if I was going to clear the glass panel to the right of me. Having the understanding of how I can control my body and my strengths meant I could do it unassisted without risking any injury to Dad who desperately wanted to help me with the load. But I digress and will write about the importance of strength training as you enter senior age at another time.

These tips aren't purely to build strength for moving house but a great foundation to moving with purpose for decades to come.

If you want help on how to start training for longevity and bulletproofing your system, reach out! I'd love to chat to see how I can help you either start your training journey or simply bring you back to routine after some time off.

Now if you'll excuse me these boxes won't unpack or internet connect by themselves as much as I try my best I dream of Jeanie impersonation head nod and blink.

Keep moving and Grooving

If you feel someone may benefit from this info please share it with them.

Stay sassy


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Stay curious and remember “We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing” - George Bernard Shaw

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