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Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Hi Friend,

What feels great for you, doesn't have to make sense to anyone else!

What is one thing that you have dreamed of doing and why have you not done it yet?

Ask yourself

1. What is stopping you?

2. Is that true?

3. What areas of support do you need?

4. Who can you ask for help?

Tonight a 3-year idea that has lived in my head actually becomes a reality!

GLOW FLOW is getting out of my head and into Jungle Brothers Botany.

What is it?

20 people experiencing a 2-hour Animal Flow movement experience coached under black lights and tribal house pumping tunes. Followed by chats and any questions at the Pub.

Hands up if you have self-sabotaged.

By that, I mean hindered your own progress for whatever reason.

I'll admit that I am guilty and have been for a long time, my self-esteem has never really been high. I've always liked things that were different for as long as I can remember.

Things that make me smile and bring me joy, can be other people's form of hell.

I would hide or mask who I was for fear of judgment.

Slowly over the past few years, I'm realizing that it's ok to simply be the weird, whacky, and wild me. I like what I like, what brings me joy may be different to you and vice versa. And that is totally ok!

I have had this idea for so long yet no courage and self-belief that I could actually pull it off.

Some of the thought patterns were...

* Don't be so childish, what grown adult would be a part of something like this

* You aren't confident enough to speak to a room full of people

* You don't have enough coaching experience to do something alone

* People will judge you as to why you like this idea in the first place

- this list is way longer but you get the gist.

Upon reflection, I simply hadn't found the right communities of people for me.

With a background in Advertising, the work environment is completely different from how I get to express myself today.

Throughout the career transition, I have had many mentors that could see something in me that I either did not believe or failed to see within myself. This is starting to change and I am very grateful for the leadership and support I have had access to.

Tips to stop Self-Sabotage
  1. Examine where this doubt stems from

  2. Realize where you are procrastinating and why

  3. Take in the whole picture then break it down to bite size actionable tasks

  4. Say it out loud "It doesn't have to be perfect"

  5. Ask for help

Go forth and Glow Up you amazing human.

What are you inspired to finally DO?

Stay Sassy, Until Next week



Stay curious and remember “We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing” - George Bernard Shaw

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