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Hey Friend,

So we have been experiencing some crazy weather here in Sydney and Qld over the last few weeks. Crazy rain causing flash floods, devastating communities and giving just a sense of gloom.

Back to indoor activities, potentially more screen time and not having the ability to venture out for a simple walk.

I have seen a shift in upper body stiffness not only within my clients but also myself.

Over the next 4 weeks I'll be sharing simple and effective ways to utilise your foam roller to help massage some tight common areas of the upper body.

First off, put simply our Pec has 2 components. Pec Major and Minor. Both although attach at different spots are connected to your ribcage and upper arm

When these get tight and shortened it can be a start of rounding posture.

As an ex TV editor I can relate to being seated at a computer for hours and hours at a time, paired with seated travel time and a love for boxing, my pec and shoulders simply only knew a rounded forward position.

Although the Pec release was only one piece of this puzzle, I share with you what may help you after a day in a rounded position.

Consistency is key. It takes time and repetition to transform habits that aren’t of service to you or to build new ones that do.

Check out this Pec Release and let me know how you go.

Until next week


Please share this with anyone you know that sits at a desk a lot!

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