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Hi Friend,

I hope your version of self-care is scheduled for the week! Feel free to share with me or someone what it is, accountability helps create consistency. This week is about an underutilized tool - Movement. I'm sure you have seen or maybe even experienced a lecture or group session where the speaker will get you up out of your chair and tell you to jump, dance, move around maybe even sing or chant. Think Tony Robbins style. There is a science to this, movement brings on endorphins and feel-good hormones. The presenters know this and are looking to either hype you up at the start, OR get you re-engaged for the rest of the presentation. FEEL GOOD VIBES TIP #5 - MOVE HOW YOU ENJOY This week I ask you, how do YOU like to move? Do you like lifting weights from A to B, do you like to dance, do yoga, walk, swim, handstand, Crossfit, play with the kids, hike, martial arts, tai chi... or in my case, I can't go a day without my Animal Flow Practice. If you enjoy it you'll be more inclined to keep on doing it, feel the positive benefits from gaining strength, a skill acquired, a group scenario, aesthetic changes etc... FEEL GOOD VIBES TIP # 6 - GET INTO NATURE Go outside! Get away from a screen, breathe fresh air, feel some wind on your skin, take your shoes off and experience some textures. It can be as elaborate as an outdoor adventure on a coastal or bushwalk, or simply getting into your own back yard, or out near plants on your balcony. Bonus points if you can mix the movement tip while outside! Go forth, head away from a screen and feel the benefits. Let me know what you get up to or schedule in.

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Until next week Cheers, Nikki

Stay curious and remember

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing” - George Bernard Shaw I

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