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Hey Friend,

Do you ever feel that life is a bit of a Hamster wheel, living on Auto Pilot?

I have spoken about this recently in the Shake up to Wake up blog.

This concept helps to unlock or realize some things you want to do or try.

When was the last time you actually tried something New?

I get it, life gets busy, and there is always "something" to do.

Have you ever noticed that when you are focused on something or it comes into your realm you notice it in the world everywhere?

For example, selling your house you start to notice all the for sale signs you seem to pass.

Bought a new car and then happen to see that model everywhere.

Having a connection to that new thing brings it to the forefront of your attention.

What does this have to do with journalling, I hear you ask!

Beginner Journalling tip #4

List some ideas of things you haven't done before but would love to try.

Be as minimal or expansive as you like.

You may surprise yourself.

Take a look at the list, is there anything you could factor in this week? Maybe you want to try a type of class, first step would be to research if any are near you.

Once these are on your radar, you will either make some time to get it done, or you'll start to see signs around that you may have missed previously.

I'd love to hear how the journalling month resonated with you, did you get some helpful ideas?

Until next week

Happy writing


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Stay curious and remember

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing” - George Bernard Shaw

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