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Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Investment does not always mean $$$ !

Investments are also time, energy, thoughts & actions.

So what do you actually value?

It's funny as I never really thought about this until a random statement was said back to me recently, which sparked this thought.

Speaking about health and fitness - as I usually am amongst others, the topic of where I'm currently training came up and what I was now paying weekly opposed to the 19 dollars a week I was previously at an aquatic centre.

Person A: "Is that like a celebrity gym or something?"

This took me by surprise and I must've had a bewildered look on my face as they replied

"It just seems like a lot to pay for just a gym"

There is no right or wrong here just simply what we each value.

To me it's an investment for myself, I respect the quality of coaches, the ethics surrounding the complex, the thought process that goes into the programming of each class available.

The coaches are happy to share knowledge bombs, I'm learning while I am also training.

Yes it sometimes takes me 40min to cut across peak hour traffic, Yes it's a little more cost each week, but you know what, the value it gives me is priceless in my opinion.

I'm creating connections, seeing not only myself but others also reaching and exceeding their goals, it also has a motto that I resonate with.

It's the same with my 1:1 clients, they invest with me or Physique Transformations as they value what is on offer.

If you find the outcome valuable to you - you can find the time, energy, resources and cash.


TIME - I wanted more time to learn about topics that helped me understand people and personalities a little more so I could service my 1:1 PT clients better - just from switching to audio books instead of radio while driving I racked up over 22 hours of listening and hearing knowledge takeaways I can implement to my own and others daily routines.

ENERGY - I say no to the tasks that aren't on par with my values, yes I have a video editing skills but this skill also takes up a lot of time, I feel lucky now that I can use this skill to only help with the projects and people I choose to help. I can actually say No.The energy for me is better served into programming and creating videos of my own or to help others I admire spread there message.

CASH - it's amazing how all the little things can just add up! Think about it, daily coffees, lunches, a snack here and there, the extras you buy while filling up on fuel. What would happen if you switched a cafe coffee for an instant made or brought your own tea bags to work. That's a minimum of $4 a day - across the week $20 - across the month $80-100. All simply from one less hot beverage a day!

RESOURCES - I take pride in my inner circle right now, I feel i'm really lucky that I do admire the main people in my daily life, I value their opinions. So seeing as we all have a story and different strengths and weakness, one of my weak points could be another persons strength. If a topic is not my strong point, I simply ask another person I admire that quality in for any recommendations, books, podcasts, Neflix docos, I ask their advice and you know what people are usually willing to share knowledge if you are hanging with the right people.


Think about it artists will invest money into there supplies, time for their craft and energy into planning or thinking about the next creation.

Photographers will invest cash into cameras, their energy to go out and capture images and their time into the editing process.

So is it about time you actually start valuing yourself?

Think about it, how much time, energy or money do you invest in yourself?

Do you spend time doing the things that make your heart dance - this can be as simple as a 10min chat with a friend, or 10min of solace with a book and a cup of tea.

Do you invest money into things that make you feel better - a massage, facial, a meal out with good company? (before you say I can't afford it - remember how much one simple daily change and impact the month)

When was the last time you put yourself first?

I like to think of myself as a tea pot - I can only give to others if I am full myself.

If i'm running on empty how is that going to benefit others at all? My family, friends, clients.

So I'll ask again what do you value and what are you investing in?

Are they things that light you up, or are you possibly wasting time, energy or cash on things that don't serve you?

Someone cut you off in traffic in the morning - in the afternoon are you still reliving it over and getting angry?

A co-worker forever whinging about something - are you taking on their negativity?

Are you giving up your precious time to those that don't value it back?

Life is short shouldn't we spend it doing things that serve us and that we enjoy?

One more time....

What do you actually value?

Until next time


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