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What You Should Know About Benefits Of Play In Adulthood

Hi Friend,

This week I'm inspired by the unraveling of the Tetris stacked storage space and packing it into the Tetris-style moving truck!

It got me thinking that even as a 39-year-old woman, playing games are still very much a factor in my life. I guess I feel like a female Peter Pan!

Now, why is that deemed a strange thing?

In children, play builds imagination and creativity. Play cultivates cognitive growth. The play delivers emotional and behavioral benefits. Play promotes physical fitness and encourages greater independence.

Things signify that you are in play mode.
Being happy, relaxed, free, feeling like time is flowing, not constantly checking your watch.

-Yesim Kunter


  • Play involves some physical activity. Think of the heart benefits and lung booster while doing so.

  • Reduces Stress - Play reduces the stress hormones - cortisol and adrenaline, and generates the release of the feel-good hormones - endorphins. Now wouldn't that be nice after a long day.

  • Promotes Laughter. When we play, typically we will laugh at either ourselves, with another person, or simply at the situation at hand. Laughter also releases the same feel-good hormones. If Laughing with others it will strengthen relationships with them too.

  • Stimulates the brain and improves cognitive function. When challenges are playful, adults are more likely to remember what they learned and be more willing to partake in similar activities again.

  • Increases Emotional Well-Being. Being exposed to a form of play, nature, and fun can support your emotional health. It replaces negative beliefs and behaviors by switching them to positive ones.

  • Improves your social skills. Being in a group session involves teamwork, cooperation, communication, and boundary setting. Continuing group play activities can aid the building and maintaining of relationships.

  • Reinvigorates your Mind and Body. Play is a natural healer of the body. Play provides us with energy, adrenaline, and all-round positive feelings. This ultimately has a positive benefit on our mental and physical health.

  • Boosts Innovation. Play force us to think outside of the box and find creative solutions to problems. This skill can be transferred to the work environment giving us the ability to think of new ways of doing things, developing new ideas, and creative aspects.

  • Prevents work burnout - Playing outside of work, and if lucky enough even at work, can help relieve the stress associated with deadlines and work-related activities that can be known to cause stress. If we can remain on the positive side day-to-day, we are less likely to have burnout at work.


Play can mean different things to each human. I personally love an old skool playlist and turning any floor into my dancefloor, paint by numbers, playing with a dog, and my Animal Flow practice.

What is classified as a free flow time-bending moment for you, may be classified as a form of torture for others. If you ask me to go for a dip in the ocean it's a fat hell no, but for some its the most liberating place to be.

What makes you feel happy, relaxed, free, feeling like time is flowing, not constantly checking your watch?

That is YOUR play.


I understand life has many facets and can seem like it is pulling you in all directions. What if you took a moment to actually schedule some time for YOU into your day, week or month?

Give yourself space to switch off from the world and back into yourself.

Play solo, with others, with a pet, or simply with nature itself.

Let's acknowledge the rise of the "Kidult".

How can you incorporate Playful things into your existing lifestyle?

One night a week I spend the night at my folk's house. It's deemed game night, we laugh, play games and there is a puppy. I look forward to the refill of joy in my cup each week.


  • If work permits have a small travel game at your desk, or go bold and ask for a ping pong table

  • Play with a pet or volunteer as a dog walker at a shelter

  • Play on the equipment the next time you are at the park

  • Read a book in an unusual place, on a rock at the beach, sitting in a tree, or on a textured seat.

  • In the car with friends, as long as not driving distracted of course

  • Learn an instrument

  • Learn a new skill with a friend

  • Do a pottery class

  • Try a new exercise class, Pole dancing, Line dancing, Break dancing, Handstand, Gymnastics, or my fave and what I coach - Animal Flow.

  • Do a puzzle, a paint by numbers or something crafty

Play is being joyfully immersed in the moment!

As an adult, when was the last time you experienced that?

Are you keen to switch off from the world, learn a new skill, be around like-minded others, laugh, play, and have a unique fitness glow night out on Saturday, Oct 29th 2022?

I'd like to invite you to my GLOW FLOW event.

Set in the indoor playground of Botany, Jungle Brothers, the gym floor will turn dancefloor vibes with blacklights & tunes while your body is creating the movement shapes of Animal Flow. All skill levels are welcome, no experience required.

Click the image below to find out more info.

I'd love to hear how you incorporate some play into your world.

Until next time.


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Stay curious and remember

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing” - George Bernard Shaw

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