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Hi Friend,

How did you go last week going for a little trot barefoot?

I’d love to hear if the mini doco resonated with you in any way.

If you missed out last week you can catch up on all of my previous 2022 blogs here

Hand up if you have been told you have flat feet or need inner arch support.

Keep that hand up if you suffer from knee niggles or pain. I too am one of those people too.

From a very young age, I was told I need inner arch support. I was a fairly large teen and always plagued with knee pain and sore hips. Even though I lost weight these niggles still plagued me.

As an adult, I did put it down to my sedentary TV editor job. It wasn’t until I started to train barefoot that I could physically feel joints going in directions I didn't want them to while training. It was really difficult for me to squat without my knee caving in or dumping pressure into my lower back.

My foot had been in the same type of padded cushion for over 3 decades! (yes cats out of the bag I am actually 38)

To put into some perspective, if you break a bone, it’s in a cast usually around 6-12 weeks. The cast gets taken off, you can feel and sometimes physically see the muscle degeneration. Nothing in and around that joint has had any stimulus at all!

Then there is the rehab process to gain strength back.

So I ask, when, if at all have you ever “trained your feet”. There are many muscles, ligaments, and tendons that run all across, under, and over our feet. Just like the rest of our body, they need stimulus.

This week I share 4 simple exercises to help wake up your arch! Aim to spend at least 60sec per exercise per foot A simple 8 min per day. 01 - RELEASE YOUR FOOT


Foot tripod = Pressure through 1. Big Toe 2. Little Toe 3. Heel



Let me know which one was the toughest one for you to do.

Until next week, Nikki

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