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Well, this winter has had a few sunshine days but many many wet, windy and wild ones to go along with it too.

Have you been hit for six or feeling a little run down this season, it has been quite common indeed.

The question is should you be training during this time...

There are a few things to factor in here, I have had a few clients feeling under the weather or run down of late and each person has had different levels of energy.

1. Listen to your body

What are your energy levels saying to you?

Are you craving rest, if so REST!

Let your body fight what it needs to.

If energy levels are medium but you are simply feeling a little off take down the intensity of your training.

- Decrease the load and or reps

- Increase rest time between sets

- Add in extra mobility rounds for areas that feel tight

2. Be Mindful of yourself and others

With all that is going on in the world can you be a little more mindful?

Can your session go virtual instead, maybe it's to take a walk instead of entering a gym, or working out from home?

3. Nourish your body with gentle release techniques

If you have been unwell more than likely you have been in a seated, lying, or resting position for longer than usual periods of time. I know when I'm unwell it's much longer time spent on my side in the fetal position under a weighted blanket. Your body will crave some movement and respond well to releasing tension and getting the body to glide through full range again.

Need some inspiration on basic release techniques with a foam roller to hit some major muscle groups click the link below.

Stay safe this winter, and listen to what your body needs. There is no shame in toning it down and listening to what your body needs that day!

Until next week



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Stay curious and remember

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing” - George Bernard Shaw

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