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Updated: Apr 6, 2021


Ok, so the long weekend is over, you were out of your usual routine and things may have been a little different on the movement and nutrition side of things.....AND THAT’S OK!

I have heard on a few occasions this morning, “I need to thrash myself this week to catch up on what I did over the break” or “Oh, I ate SOOO many easter eggs it’s going to take me forever to burn them off” and “Oh, I did nothing over the break I need to work double to make up for it”.

STOP - can we please STOP using exercise as a punishment for what we have done.

First of all, can we please ditch the damn guilt!

Ok yes, you may have consumed more over the weekend but more than likely you were in an enjoyable environment with friends or family, interacting with other humans or pets and just embracing the moment.

Ok it’s done, you had fun and lived life - is that such a bad thing?

If you did nothing - good on you for giving yourself a break, we all need it from time to time. Recharging is one of the best things we can do for our mental and physical health!

If you did happen to eat outside of your normal, ok, own it! Make sure you enjoyed it!

Today is another day and another day to resume your path to kicking your goal - whatever that may be.

Speaking of goals - do you have one that’s not aesthetically based?

I ask all of my clients, what is it that you want your body to be able to DO - rather than BE.

If we have a goal we are actually moving towards it can be so satisfying when we DO something we thought was impossible. The side benefits of this is that we will get stronger, our bodies will start to adapt and change, we reduce stress, we sleep better, we start to make better choices and it’s simply the by product of consistent work towards something that actually drives you.

I understand we all do want to look good, but is that the be-all and end all - I believe NO.

You can look awesome and still not actually FEEL good about yourself!

And who actually defines what “looking good” is anyway!

So my question for you is how do you want to FEEL?

What is stopping you from feeling that now?

What is one habit you can change/monitor to bridge that gap?

Hope you all enjoyed the break and did whatever makes your heart dance!

Until next time.


Photo by Giftpundits

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