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Hi Friend,

How did you go last week with the playlist and gratitude lists?

This week I do want to acknowledge that today can be a hard day for some. In Australia, it's Mothers Day. I want to acknowledge that it may be a hard day for a plethora of reasons. I want to send virtual positive vibes to those potentially feeling a little fragile today, if you have lost your Mum, are in the process of trying to become a Mum, if you have lost a child, or if you are struggling with the choice of you even want to become a Mum. Know that you are loved and I hope you have access to a support network. For those of you celebrating your Mumma Bear today, enjoy.

GOOD VIBES TIP #3 - MINIMISE MAINSTREAM AND SOCIAL MEDIA Yes, you read that right, it's not simply social media that can send us into a tailspin, mainstream media isn't always the best for our mental health. Ask yourself, how invested were you in lockdown with watching the news, stats, and daily reminders we were in a pandemic? Did that give you hope or anxiety if you did so? So often we have so much info shoved in our faces, but we can be in control of the info that gets put there... The more links you click, articles you read google search topics you have, will play into the algorithm feeding you more of that style of content. So what are you exposing your mind to on a daily basis? Is it serving you any value? If not, maybe it's time to redirect the algorithm.

GOOD VIBES TIP #4 - SELF CARE IS NOT SELFISH Now self-care can be different for everyone. What do I mean by Self-care?

Doing something that Lights YOU up and brings you some joy at that moment. Find what those things are for you - Walking the dog, getting a massage, reading a book in the sun, listening to a podcast on a walk, getting your nails done, a facial, working in the garden, training, etc... Think about what you enjoy, now schedule a block of time per week to allow yourself to actually do it.

Before you come at me and say, Nikki, I simply have too much to do, I couldn't possibly take time for myself, I have kids, colleagues, and social commitments... Well for that I say think of yourself as a teapot, you can only fill others' cups if you are full yourself, how will those cups get filled if you are running on empty. Now Go Forth and do a news cull and find what self-care you need to schedule. I'd love to know what you find works for you.

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Cheers and see you next week


Stay curious and remember

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing” - George Bernard Shaw

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