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Are you in a progressive or a failure mindset?

Ok, so 2018 is coming to an end.

For some, it may have been an amazing year, others maybe not, others again, maybe a mixture of both!

No matter what type of year you think you may have had, how about taking a moment to realise and appreciate all that you actually have done in a positive way.

For example, my movement goal this year was to be able to do a full chin up from a dead hang (my whole bodyweight hanging from the bar rather than the jump up that I need thus far). Have I achieved it yet ? NO.

Now, I can look at this in 2 ways;

1. "OMG I'm such a failure!" "I suck at this." "I'm never going to get to the end goal, I don't even know why I bother" - sound familiar? Or;

2. I can give myself an epic high five at how far I have come and how much closer I am to the end goal. I may not be totally there YET, but, have I overcome shoulder pain and can attempt a chin up without shooting pain down to my elbow. Am I FEELING more in CONTROL of the movement itself? YES. Have I progressed from where I started from? YES.

All of these things are mini achievements in themselves that I'm damn proud of!

Take a moment to REALLY think about what you have achieved this year... like really think about it!

And I don't want to hear, "nothing"!

So go on, toddle off in your mind and think of as many things as you can that you are proud of. If you are struggling to remember what you got up to this year, then take a scroll through your camera roll for a refresh. You may not be at the end goal you envisioned YET, but, well bloody done for starting that thing you have!

So here we are, NYE 2018 is upon us.

It's this time of year we can proclaim the "new and improved me".

I'll lose weight. I'll get fit. I'll go to the gym four times a week. I'll join the bootcamp. I'll eat only healthy. I'll spend more time with family. I'll create work life balance. I'll be more productive. I'll work for a promotion. I'll change my job etc...

HUGE new revelations that will be motivating, for what, a week?! Maybe a month, then old habits will start to creep in, the original habits or issues that got you into this state of wanting to change in the first place.

REALITY CHECK, if you can't understand the detrimental habits that got you into this state of mind, it's never going to change!

Let's take example #1: 2019 is the year I'll lose weight.

It may be a lot, it might be a little that is needed to be lost. But, before proclaiming what society tells you what you need for this change to occur, how about you think of this:

What habits have added this extra unwanted weight in the first place?

What are you doing or not doing on a daily / weekly basis that just isn't serving you and your body positively?

This will be the key to unlocking YOUR change, it'll be the key to understanding WHAT got you to this stage in the first place! This awareness is vital if you wish to change and for the change to stick long-term.

Think about it, January in the fitness industry it like a pack of vultures ready to pounce!

You know all the social feeds are about to be inundated with pills, shakes, meal replacements and skinny freaking tea! I mean seriously??? C'mon you are not that gullible are you?

Ok, say you do feel so vulnerable that you give in and purchase a "wonder" product.

Ok you do lose the 5-10kg, heck, make it 20kg that you intended to lose. Fantastic!

I ask, what comes next then? What did you learn about yourself so you won't return to that original state again? If it has been an eye opening journey and you now know what triggers you, where you come undone and have the tools to help you when it comes back around in life - then, well bloody done.

BUT, chances are, this hasn't been the case. You have simply just masked over the original issues that got you here in the first place. Now you are off the "wonder" product and back into your real world routine. Maybe not right away, but old habits start to return, ones you may or may not have been aware off and the weight starts creeping back!

Realising your own triggers isn't easy but its vital for long lasting change no matter what the end goal is. Before I hear you say one more time, "oh, it's so easy for you - you don't understand how it feels to feel uncomfortable in your own skin". Have I always been the health conscious person I am now? NOPE. You can read about how I realised some of my own detrimental triggers, or, at least scroll to my previous body pictures HERE.

Make it REALISTIC! Try not to set yourself up for a feeling of failure from the beginning.

So once you have figured out one, merely one, detrimental habit you currently have, take a small step, a REALISTIC step, to change it. E.g if you are wanting to exercise four times a week, but you haven't been physical in a long period of time or you were originally struggling to find time for four sessions a week -it's not like NYE is a magical wand that will miraculously change your world and your schedule. Find what you can realistically start with, achieve that mini goal for two weeks and stick to it. Be proud of that achievement and then look at how you can increase it the following week.

What ever goals you are intending to kick in 2019, realise, WHY you want them.

Think about how achieving them or progressing towards them will make you FEEL.

So off you toddle...Go on... Get kicking!

Until next time,


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