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Hey Friend,

So if you are keeping up to date you have

  1. Listed the goal and how you are emotionally connected to it.

  2. Thought of a strategy or plan on how you are going to achieve it

So what’s next - we need the TACTICS or ACTIONS if you will. We need to fill in the HOW!

HOW am I going to fulfil this thing that I want or the person I want to become. Often at times the process can feel so overwhelming and so out of reach so we simply leave it as a wish and never get closer to the achievement.

So I propose some questions again to help unblock the thought process.

1. Why do I want to achieve this goal?

This one should already be answered from week 01. It’s always great to keep coming back to this meaning as your anchor point or your driver for doing the harder things to come.

2. What is holding me back? What obstacles am I facing? What is my roadblock?

Go deeper, list the limiting factors as to why you don’t have this currently in your life? Once we know what is really holding us back - time, experience, money, lack of knowledge etc We can start to get clear on what we need to overcome them

3. HOW am I going to accomplish this goal? Is there a way I can unlock the roadblock above?

Do you need help from a coach, a course, a friend or family member, google! How can you combat the above roadblocks as a step one?

4. What will be my reward?

Now this can be something physical or emotional. “When I get a new client that will cover a monthly massage” “I will gain confidence to serve others once I finish this course” James Clear makes it really simple in his book Atomic Habits


If I am to go back to my Handstand goal mentioned previously, my roadblock is my left shoulder strength.

I have created two actions I will do my 15min shoulder drills at 4:30pm in Jungle brothers Mon/Tues and Friday. These are the days I coach in the evenings so I am making sure to be downstairs 15 min earlier than I usually am.

I will practice my 60min Handstand sessions at 1pm on Thursdays at Parents house. Knowing what you want, realising the roadblocks that are stopping you and overcoming those blocks with a solution is paramount. Then create an ACTION, simple is key.

Go forth and see what pops up for you, I’d love to know what Actions you are going to implement into your world from this week forward.

Until next week, Nikki

Stay curious and remember “We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing” - George Bernard Shaw If you know someone who could benefit from this blog, please share it with them.

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