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Hey Friend,

How often do you find yourself stuck in one position throughout the day?

Movement nourishment is vital for the longevity of our joint tissues.

I understand life can get busy, we can train for up to 60min a day a few times a week if lucky, but what about the in-between?

Are you thinking about what positions your body is in for the majority of your day?

Are you counteracting these positions with any type of daily movement?

Alot of the time with my clients I'll set homework drills, or movement snacks as I call them to sprinkle in throughout their week

For the month of November, I'll be sharing daily movement snacks to help combat desk-bound positions. Short sharp snippets you can easily add into your day basically no equipment needed. (Maybe a foam roller or a ball)

I'll be sharing these daily over on my socials, Facebook , Insta and Tik Tok.

Here is the weekly recap to save in one place!

Let me know what feels good and resonates with you!

I'll preface you want to keep at pain-free ranges of motion that you can control, if something hurts or pinches do not push through it!

DAY 01 - WRIST RELIEF, great for keyboard warriors, BJJ peeps, Flowists, yogis, and anyone who trains on their hands


also great for your calf and Achilles

DAY 03 - ALL THE PEC LOVE, Open up after a day hunched over!

DAY 04 - HIP LOVIN 01, internal and external rotation, the inside and outside of your hip joint.

DAY 05 - HIP LOVIN 02 - Open ya Hip Flexors at all angles!

Day 06 - ADDUCTORS, If your hamstrings are weak then these will be overcompensating

I'd love to know what feels good for you!

Let me know what you try, tag me in anything you share and I can offer some feedback if something doesn't feel right.

Share with anyone you feel may benefit from a month of daily movement snacks!

Until next week

Stay Sassy


Stay curious and remember “We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing” - George Bernard Shaw

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