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Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Brief back story I lost my older sister 9 years ago, it was sudden and unexpected. A moment in time where I can remember exactly where I was, and a moment in time I can't ever un-hear or un-see the events of that crushing night.

“You become the things you think about" - Earl nightingale.

She was my idol and her influence helped me grow into the person I am today.

We, like all sisters had our moments of fights, banter and disappointments, but in the end we would do anything for each other.

I've witnessed first hand what debilitating injuries can do to the mindset and quality of life of someone. Witnessing these changes in a person and feeling helpless, lead me down a path of wanting to understand people better, be aware of the subtle changes in language and behaviours of a person.

I was overwhelmed with guilt for not doing enough to try to help my big sis.

It wasn't until someone pointed out to me

"You did the best you could with the knowledge you had at the time!"

This helped me shed some new positive light on the situation.

As the years went by it was the big events that were always hard, Christmas (our favourite holiday since we were kids), my wedding day, her birthday, my birthday as it was the last day I ever saw her alive. The anniversary of her death was a hard day but one that I could usually mull through just keeping myself busy.

We all have a history, a story, a journey that has moulded us into where we are today!

Life has it's high of highs but also dark soul dwelling lows!

Something as simple as a song or a smell can trigger something deep down that you didn't realise was still there. We are allowed to have an off day, we are allowed to recognise these moments, we are allowed to tell others "I'm not ok!"

First things first...

I'm no psychologist, nor do I think I'm qualified at all professionally in this area.

What I can offer is that I too have these dark soul crushing moments that can take over me when I least expect it, and I'm learning new things about myself and ways to help me deal with such moments.

June of 2019 was completely different!

I was struggling - my usual tools of keeping busy, training hard, teaching my little bunny tricks - all the things that made my heart dance were simply not working.

I was sad, felt incredibly lonely, and had a sense of blankness that I couldn't shake.

It took all of my energy to put on the positive front for my clients, then in the alone time I just didn't feel right, I couldn't shake it, I couldn't bring myself out of this little dark hole.

Sitting alone in The Tram sheds (public eatery in sydney), focusing on client programming it hit me, a track came on my Spotify which left me a sitting sobbing heap.

"Aviici - Without You"

Those lyrics just cut through me and emotions hit me like a ton of bricks!

Sitting alone balling my eyes out a stranger walked past, saw this and came and asked if I was ok, it was at that point I admitted NO - I'm not ok!

She asked if I needed a hug and I admitted yes please. So here I was in the arms of a stranger, tears streaming down my face and body just sobbing uncontrollably, it was at this moment I knew I needed some help to bring me out of this, I couldn't do it alone.

Life isn't always as cute as puppies, rabbits and penguins!

Life isn't always as bright as unicorns and rainbows!

Life isn't always filled with laughter and smiles!

My takeaways throughout the years that I've acknowledged and have helped me, include...


Like really assess what may be bringing this emotion on.

Is it a habitual reaction to something?

Is it an emotional time of year?

Has something just been a trigger, a song, a smell, a sighting of something, is this emotion viable right now for a reason?

If it's something of the above, ok, acknowledge it and ride out what you need to.

If this feeling is lingering with no apparent cause as such, maybe it's worth while talking to a professional to work some things through.

Some examples of who you can reach out to include:

Beyond Blue


Listening Ear


What usually makes your heart dance?

Is it talking to a certain some one?

Dancing around the room to your favourite track?

Watching cute puppies on youtube?

Changing your surroundings or going for a simple walk?

Getting out into fresh air or hanging with your gym crew?

Whatever it is make it a priority to go and do it. A shake up is sometimes all it can take.


I am super grateful that I have an amazing support network. Old friends know the days that can be a little emotional, new friends are already seeing a mood shift and my hubby knows when I just need a big bear hug.

I have different groups of people that I can turn to for a bit of a pep up. Moving for me is my main outlet, I did karate as a kid and have a punching bag in the garage at my folks house. I love a good round house kick or punching combo to bash out some emotions.

I also love my Animal Flow practice to keep my body moving in anyway I have the energy for.

I have mates that have known me for over 20 years, new friends with common interests and family that are usually hurting the same time I am too.

These networks are my rocks and I'm glad that I can turn to either one of them in times for support.

After my hug from a stranger I did reach out to my top 3 girls just to let them in on how I was feeling. The four of us are always there for each other with no judgements, we know how we all tick and just a few simple words from these lovelies gave me the strength to get through the rest of the days sessions.

But not all of us are this lucky, so if you find yourself in this situation know there are numbers you can reach out too. A stranger who is willing to listen and acknowledge you for what you need, no judgements.