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Hi Friend!

Who else is freaking out that December has snuck up so quickly once again?

It can be a different emotional time of year for everyone.

Either way, there is a final push to the end of the year, whether it is work deadlines, planning a getaway, the need to finish up loose ends, strategizing and planning for the year to come, or social activities in abundance. Life in general ramps up before it slows down.

Today I share some tips to keep a healthy routine for the mind and body as the end-of-year chaos approaches.

1. BE KIND TO YOURSELF - Remember that with everything going on you cannot serve others if you are not serving yourself! Drink that water, be sure to move, and take time to refill your own teapot with things you enjoy

2. MOVE HOW YOU CAN - a 30min movement session is still valid. You may not have the time to get your full routine in and that is ok. Any movement is better than none. Focus on compound lifts such as Deadlifts & squats, to hit all areas

3. YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO IT ALL - Yes you could well be invited to so many social activities during this time. Reality check, choose the ones that resonate with you and that you will enjoy. Don’t feel obliged to go to ALL of them.

4. MAKE A PLAN - When a solid foundation is set you can go into activities with the best intention. Look at your week ahead, and schedule in the non-negotiables of movement, self-care, and nourishment.

When will you train, when will you recharge, and what is your fuel?

That way you can work around the engagements have a Gin or 3, eat some festive foods, and enjoy the company you are with.

5. SET BOUNDARIES - With yourself! It can be to limit the weekly units of Alcohol, up the servings of fresh foods, and minimal daily walks. Do your own admin and keep accountable.

6. HAVE A BACK-UP PLAN - The day might not go to plan, if it was a gym session day but work got in the way, don’t let it derail the whole situation. Potentially an extra walk or at-home movement session is all that you have available. That’s ok, trust me you’ll feel a whole lot better with ANY movement as opposed to - oh it’s screwed up may as well sit on the couch.

7. SOCIAL IS SEXY - You don’t have to be the odd one out and movement doesn’t have to take away from the social catch-ups of this time of year. Why not schedule an activity with a friend instead of a long lunch - or both?

Morning walk, a game of putt-putt, bowling, moving coffee catch up instead of a sit-down one.

8. IT'S OK TO REST - With all of the social obligations, it can be VERY overwhelming and draining to be around that many people. Recharge is important and its ok to do that, however it suits you.

Be kind, you may not know what others are going through this time of year.

Until next week,

Stay Sassy,


Stay curious and remember “We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing” - George Bernard Shaw

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