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Hi Friend,

When was the last time you had a little flutter of butterflies before something?

That butterfly feeling can either be from excitement or nerves... either way its your body knowing its about to experience something!

Maybe a first date, a new fitness class, a ticketed event, putting yourself out there in writing, starting a tik tok account, posting a video to social media, your first public speaking event... the list goes on.

Anything new to your system will be and can be daunting & overwhelming BUT on the flip side can be something life changing, and giving you such a sense of accomplishment.

Day to day tasks and routines are good, but this doesn't allow different stimulus to enter your system. Its like training the same program and routine for years. You simply adapt and progress haults.


  1. Make time memorable

No matter what the outcome trying something new will change the state of mind. It could be a GREAT experience or it could be a complete flop that you never want to do again. Either way its a story and an experience that helps you discover who YOU are a little more.

Time is our most precious thing, go and create some memories!

2. Conquer Fear

Now before I hear you say, Nikki C'mon I know you are bloody scared of everything, which you would in fact be totally correct! Sea water, the dark, travelling alone, public speaking, meeting new people... just to name a few, all of these are valid. BUT conquered in small bite size chunks can feel so damn amazing. As mentioned above those butterflies are nerves and excitement, you choose which one you feel them as. The more you put yourself in these positions the easier it becomes.

3. Uncover who YOU truely are

Do you really know what YOU are passionate about? or are you simply following in routines you have done for years... or maybe you have been in a partnership or a job for so long that you simply moulded into someone you don't recognise anymore.

Trying new things helps you ignite what you like, or find things that maybe don't resonate with you. Either way you discover a closer look into YOU.

4. Create experiences with others

Trying new things will endeavour branching out of your social circle and meeting new people. To some this can seem totally daunting, I get that, for me meeting a whole new group of people is terrifying. Especially if I'm there in support of a friend and doing something not familiar or of interest to me. I'll be thinking weeks in advance what will I wear, have mini conversations in my head pre-empting answers to questions that may come my way, wondering if I'll fit in, what version of my personality will I need to hide to seem more professional, its exhausting! Travelling solo in 2019 to Thailand for a week long mentorship was terrifying! BUT being surrounded with such amazing like minded humans in such a welcoming atmosphere, within 24 hours I felt like I was simply chillin at home with friends. It was 40 people from across the globe and out of that 40 I had met 6 people in real life previously. To this day it was one of the BEST experiences in my life and still have strong friendships and support from across the world.

Looking back alot of my connections and friendships now are all movement based, whether its the Animal Flow community, the Jungle Brothers tribe, or simply bootcamps I had previously been a member of or coached.

5. Encourage Creativity

Everytime we expose our system to something new we are increasing our creative capacity.

When we divulge in something different you automatically force your brain to quickly understand and adapt to a unique set of circumstances, process how to handle those circumstances and thus developing a new set of skills.

The simple act of changing your travelling route can be a prime example. You are taken out of auto-pilot and now your brain is circum-navigating a new situation.

I leave you with a quote from none other Winnie the Pooh "We didn't realise we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun"

Go forth and I'd love to know what new thing you tried this week.

Cheers and stay Sassy


Stay curious and remember

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing” - George Bernard Shaw

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