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Hi i'm Nikki, Thank you for stopping by my website and your interest in how I may be able to help you tune into your best self. 

A bit of background of me...


I have been on a weight loss journey myself! 

I understand the stories you tell yourself, heck I've told them all to myself too.

I changed my relationship with food, found movement I enjoyed and started to feel the change within myself.

Wanting to gain knowledge to help my parents stay healthy I started studying my Cert III and IV in fitness. During this time I was training some family and friends for my studies and found I really enjoyed it and they were starting to see results they never thought possible too.


The more I learned the more I realized about my own strengths and weaknesses too and how some of the training I had been doing probably wasn't the best option for me at this time.

Coming from a background as a TV Editor, the sedentary chair life started to plague my body with stiffness, restriction, and pain. 


I had people believing in my ability as a trainer and was surrounding myself with people I admired in the industry. This lead me to have 2 fitness jobs waiting before I had completely finished my formal studies.

I left the comfort zone of advertising to pursue what I could add to the fitness industry. I believe movement and our bodies are very complex and we are not a one size fits all approach when it comes to training. Every physical body is different and you need to do what works for your own body, finding movements that help counteract your daily activities or the sports you play.


If you're looking for someone to yell at you combat style & push you to absolute limits then I'm not the trainer for you.

If you are interested in finding where your strengths and weaknesses may lie to be a better mover, remain injury free and see the body transformation results along the way then I'm here to help.




  • Cert III in Fitness

  • Cert III in Fitness Group Planning.

  • Cert IV in Fitness

  • Current First Aid and CPR

  • Member of Fitness Australia

  • Animal Flow Certified Instructor

  • Thump Boxing Certified instructor

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