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Sun, 19 Feb


Erthe Life

Animal Flow + Breathwork + Ice Bath

A 3-hour event inviting you to Connect through Movement then Breath and reap the rewards of an Ice bath!

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Animal Flow + Breathwork + Ice Bath
Animal Flow + Breathwork + Ice Bath

Time & Location

19 Feb 2023, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Erthe Life, Katherine St, Chatswood NSW 2067, Australia

About The Event

Nikki and Simon Invite you for an epic - hour workshop to learn all about how the mind-body connection work and get into a flow state.

Why? To level up to your true human potential with MOVEMENT, BREATH, AND COLD THERAPY.

What Are we coaching you through:

Animal Flow - ground-based bodyweight movement system designed to enhance strength, mobility, flexibility, and stamina.

Breath Flow - (aka Breathwork) is the link between the mind and body. We will be guiding you to an immersive breathwork journey to allow your body to regulate and process your physical responses, also your emotional and overall well-being.

Mind Flow – Challenge yourself with cold therapy (Ice Baths). We will be providing and guiding a safe way to get into the cold! (this experience is optional)



TIME: 10am-1pm

WHERE: Erthe Life Studio

225/1 Katherine St Chatswood (Level 3 of Commercial Complex)

COST: $120

WHAT TO BRING: Water bottle, blanket, pillow

What is Animal Flow?

Animal Flow allows us to understand how to move and connect with our whole body. Break free from your usual external equipment or your yoga mat to experience a ground base movement system.

Mind-Body Connection with Animal Flow

With your hands and feet connected to the ground, we’ll invite you to create various movement shapes with simply your own body.


Build Strength - Animal Flow requires you to constantly support your own body weight and various angles and tempos of movement. Learn how to engage your EVERYTHING - Body, Brain, and Breath.

Improve Coordination - Each Animal Flow movement will challenge you to move in various directions. Practicing these movements will help our brain to coordinate the right steps or transitions while also moving as fluently as possible.

Increase Mobility - Performing Animal Flow movements will enhance and challenge the current range of motion available to you. Or potentially make you realise where you are tighter than expected.

Experience Community - Animal Flow is all about community! Nikki & Simon are Sydney Animal Flow Regional Instructors and we regularly bring flowists together not just to flow but to connect, share, grow, and with plenty of laughs!

What is Breath Flow?

We actually have more control of our state of well-being than we know it and it all starts with the breath.

Our breathing says a lot about how we deal with our emotions, like the stresses and strains of everyday life.. Breathwork is all about breathing consciously, with awareness, and with intent.

Everything starts and ends with the breath.

By learning how to breathe properly, we can start improving our way of life. By living better, you can:

- Gain Control of your mind and body systems

- Develop mental strength and improve physical health

- Become more aware of yourself

- Learn to use the power of the mind

- Create peace within

- Improve mental clarity and focus

- Expand Consciousness

Mind-Body Connection with the Breath

Whether you’re looking to improve your sporting performance, manage your stress levels, reduce illness and improve your sleep, take your current practice to the next level, or are just curious to find out what breathwork and ice baths are all about, then this is the event for you.

What is Mind Flow (Aka Ice Baths)?

Get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself with an Ice Bath experience. Learn how to handle extreme conditions by using the power of the mind.

Benefits of Ice Baths:

Control stress effectively

Improve sleep and recovery

Feel more energized

Speed up muscle recovery

Quickly relieve pain and aches in the body

Combat depression and anxiety

Improve your physical and mental performance

Mind Body Connection with the Cold

This is a great opportunity for you to discover how to work with your mind and body, expand your consciousness and challenge your current belief systems and conditioning.

When you expose yourself to cold water, your blood vessels constrict. Once you get out, the sudden change in temperature resulting your blood vessels rapidly re-open, helping you to flush metabolic waste products from your muscles.

And the best thing about ice baths? You feel more alive afterward!

Your Facilitators:

Simon Yuen

Simon is Sydney’s Regional Animal Flow Instructor and Breathwork Master Instructor. He started working in the fitness industry since 2005 while working between Hong Kong and Sydney, Australia.

Simon focuses on promoting his practices with Animal Flow and breathwork as the main driver to lead, guide, and control the physical state of being as well as optimising sports performance. He has coached and guided thousands of people through workshops, snow expeditions and even 1 on 1 with animal flow, breathwork practices and cold exposure to promote an optimal performance.

Simon believes the deepest and biggest healing power is bridging the awareness of mind and body connection by using body movement and the breath.

Nikki Rubino

Nikki is also a Sydney Regional Animal Flow Instructor and 7 years into her practice.

Nikki is an ex desk-bound TV Editor who felt like her body was aging too fast. While studying Personal Training and anatomy to help her own aging parents she discovered her current work life and training was not serving her at all.

She went in search of unlocking her true movement potential as at the age of 33 her own body started hurting in places she felt she was too young for.

Coaching people since 2016 she recognises that a lack of movement is not only detrimental to physical health but also mental health as well.

She prides herself on giving her older clients education and awareness so they can thrive well into our future decades both physically and mentally.

Getting connected through the ground builds strength and resilience to protect our joints and tissues as we age.

Nikki’s mission is to encourage, inspire and empower people with the knowledge and tools to keep doing the things they enjoy, well into their future.

I vow to take those age-limiting beliefs away!

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